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A God Who Loves Us                               

A God Who Reveals Himself to Man

Abraham, Model of Faith

A Look At The Biblical Family

A Tale Of Two Trees

 Are We Living In The Real World?

Are We Worshiping Junk Gods?

Being Filled With The Spirit

Biblical Love And Marriage

Casting Down Strongholds

Casual Christianity

Challenge To Conquest

Cheap Fast And Filthy

Chicken Little Was Right!

Christian Halakhah

Considering The Cross

Daring To Be Like Daniel

Deciding To Be A Disciple

Does God Still Desire Sacrifice?

Does Man Reflect God’s Image?

Don’t Throw Away Christmas

Downloading Heaven


Elements Of Christian Hope 

Equipping God’s End-day Soldiers

Evolution Series: Evidences Of God In The Heavens -No. 1 

Evolution Series: Evidences Of God On The Earth- No. 2

Evolution Series: Evidences Of God In Humanity- No. 3

Faith And Faithfulness

Faith, The Simple Kind

Fleeing Postmodernism

God’s Critique Of Worldly Wisdom 

God’s Great Grace

God’s Word – Foundation For Reconstruction

Have You Committed The Unpardonable Sin?

Have You Experienced The New Birth?

How Jesus Viewed The Bible

Israel, The Church And The Last Days

Is There Fruit On Your Tree?

Is This The Time Of Restoration?

It Is Time To Seek The Lord

Keeping Our Spiritual Balance

Kingdom Living

Knowing God

Law And Lawlessness

Law Written On The Heart

Lessons From The World’s Worship

Making Sense Of Sex

Modern Day Discipleship

Must The Righteous Suffer?

Mystery Babylon

“Not Guilty!” The Biblical Doctrine Of Justification

Orach Hayim (The Path Of Life)

Our Enemies, Their Rage And Designs

Our Gods Are Dying

Prescription For Tired Religion

Prophetic Vision And The Church

Psychology Versus The Bible

Purity of Heart

Quantum Physics And Faith

Recovering Reality

Regaining Self Control

Revelation Of The Word And Of Israel

Revelation, The Good News And The Bad News

Reviewing The Resurrection

Salvation Infrastructure

Should Christians Be Circumcised?

Some Holy Things

Simple Salvation

Some Principles Of God’s Provision

Sound Doctrine

Stability In Unstable Times

Taming The Tongue

Terrible Times, Terrible People

The Anointing

The Bible’s Health And Beauty Aids

The Commands of the New Testament (a booklet)

The Coming Fire

The Cursed City of Corazin

The Glorious Body Of Christ

The Great Day Of The Lord

The Great Importance Of Blood Atonement

The Great Mystery Of God’s Work

The Holy Root Of The Olive Tree

The Lost Art Of Biblical Meditation

The Mercy Of God

The Mystery Of Being “In Christ”

The Nitty-Gritty Of God’s Grace

The Paths Of God

The Postmodern Mindset

The Spiritual Return To Zion

The Subtle Sin Of Sorcery

The Treasure Of Light

The Unbelievable Sin Of Unbelief

The Way Of Holiness

The Wilderness Experience

Three Important Things About Jesus

Two Pictures Of The Church In Ephesians

Vanishing Virtues

Walking In The Way Of Wisdom

Walking In Uprightness

What Is Truth?

Whatever Happened To The Christian Church?

When God Tabernacles With Us

Where Do We Begin?

Will The Church Be Raptured?

Will They Call You Wise Or Foolish?


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Older articles were updated at the turn of the century. Errors were corrected and time-sensitive items removed.  However, articles essentially remained as written.